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cocktails, baby!


Our Magnificent Seven Cocktails have landed!
2-4-£10 5-8 Sun-Thurs

We’ve taken some of the classics and put our own Revelator twist to them. Incorporating our Whiskey Of The Week, specially hand picked whiskys & bourbons and a lot of love for the preservation of good times. 

Keep an eye out for our guest tipple of the month too, this month we are kicking out a Bacon Bloody Belle, made with bacon infused bourbon and all the goodies that make a cracking drink!

No.1 Lynchburg Lemonade - This old classic of Jack Daniels, fresh lemon, bitters and lemonade served long £6.50

No.2 Whiskey Sours - A short little rebel of Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey, fresh lemon, sugar, and bitters £6.50

No.3 Mint Julep - Served in a frosted tin we muddle fresh mint, sugar and Buffalo Trace Bourbon for a truly refreshing beverage. Can be served long with a dash of apple juice. £6.50

NO.4 Revelator Old Fashioned- Using our guest whiskey of the week (please ask your bartender), this simple traditional serve of whiskey and ice, stirred down with Demerara sugar, flamed bitters and fresh orange peel leaves a smooth finish and makes a great sipping cocktail. (allow time to make) £7.00

NO.5 Bourbon Berry Smash - served long we throw together a mix of fresh berries, mint, sweet syrup and Wild Turkey bourbon, topped with soda £6.50

No.6 Tennessee Ice Tea - A prohibition secret of disguising moonshine in sweet tea, we have  Makers Mark bourbon, Bacardi Superior Gold, Kettle One vodka and cointreau with fresh lemon are shaken over ice and topped with Cola. Granny slappin’ good! £7.00

No.7 My Southern Baby - For a sweeter tooth, southern comfort paired with hazelnut franjelico, fresh lemon and grenadine, topped with lemonade £6.50