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cocktails, baby!


Cocktails have landed!
2-4-£10 5-8 Sun-Thurs

Amongst our huge range of Bourbon & Whiskey we also make some incredible cocktails. From our Boston Tea Party  that gets served in an actual teapot, to our Black Forest Gateau Martini, we tick all the boxes for cocktail fiends. We also serve up the classics on request

Keep an eye out for our guest tipple of the month too, this month we are kicking out a Bacon Bloody Belle, made with bacon infused bourbon, Pimento and Creole Bitters, home made hot sauce, tomato juice and  candied bacon to garnish.


Strawberry Fields- Tanquerey, Saint Germain Elderflower, strawberry jam and apple £7.50

Death By Gimlet- Deaths Door gin, Pinot Nior, fresh lime, Bokers Bitters £8.00

Boston Tea Party- Liberator gin, mint, cucumber and elderflower £8.50


Dirty Mojito- fresh lime, mint, Sailor Jerry Rum topped with Orchard Pig ginger and chilli cider £8.00

Bayou Monk- vanilla, Bayou rum, Franjelico Hazelnut, fresh lime £7.50

Corn N Oil- vanilla, Falernum, Cointreau, Lambs rum, fresh lime £8.00

Short n Sweet:

Black Forest Martini- Cream and blackberries, Franjelico hazelnut, Chambord raspberry, white chocolate liquor. £7.50

Mike n Ike Pornstar- Passoa passionfruit, lychee, raspberry and vanilla Absolut with fresh lemon £8.00

Espresso Our Way- Small Batch espresso, Kahlua, Buffalo Trace bourbon, vanilla £7.50

Whisky & Bourbon:

Maple and Pecan Old Fashioned- Pre batch maple and pecan bourbon with toasted pecan bitters £8.00

John The Rev- Cointreau, Southern Comfort, lemon, lemonade and Peychaurds bitters £7.50

Highland Bramble- Monkey Shoulder, lemon, Crème de Mur, honey £6.50

Classics available on request